Extent of tornado damage

On August 21, 2019 a tornado hit Windham. Pretty unusual thing to happen here. I did not know the extent of the damage till about one month later. Our property is east of the main area of damage and part of our property is fairly remote and we had not walked in that area for about a month and that is when we discovered that the area of damage was larger than first thought.

It appears to have begun near the top of Glebe Mountain and traveled down and across Windham Hill Road and continued east loosing some strength.

Then after getting on top of the mountain east of WHR if traveled along a stream having old/current beaver activity.

Here’s a picture of a gps track where I tried to determine the easternmost reach and to see what damage was done on the east side of WHR.

Not much damage was found around the larger beaver pond but quite a bit on the smaller one east of it.

No explanation of why that would be the case other than a guess that the narrower beaver pond has steeper banks and the soil is shallow there.

This is representative of the larger area.