Watersheds of Windham

Windham contributes to 3 watersheds the Williams, West and Saxtons. But within Windham there’s some smaller basins and this post is to show the basin that flows into Burbee Pond and the large wetland at Lawrence Four Corners. A good bit of the total area of the Town of Windham drains into one of these two basins.

The picture below shows the Burbee pond and Lawrence Four corners sub-basins crosshatched in black. The cross hatched area is what flows into the respective sub basins before flowing on to the West River ( BP) and the north branch of Saxtons River.

The Burbee pond area is about 30% of the total acreage of Windham and another 6.7% flows into the large wetland there at the Windham Hill/route 121/Hitchcock Hill intersection.