Climate change refugees

Some folks have speculated that climate change will eventually cause people to abandon their sea-side homes and move to Vermont. It seems they welcome such an event suggesting that it will “grow” the grandlist and hope that that will reduce taxes. Maybe.

Some time ago (May of 2017) I looked at the addresses of home owners in Windham and could see that a about one-half of Windham houses are owned by folks who live there year round and the other half live elsewhere. Some within Vermont but mostly out of state.

Next I looked at the out of state owners for Connecticut, New York and New Jersey and with just a visual inspection found that 29 of those live near enough water to consider them as a potential “migrant.” I did consider all of Long Island to be potentials simply because cutting off traffic into the city would make living on LI more difficult.

So what happens to Windham’s grandlist if those folks move to Vermont? Nothing. The migrant would then have to pay a higher education tax because Windham is one of the few Vermont towns where the homestead ed tax is higher than the non-homestead rate but I don’t see that as affecting residents in a big way.

So, building a house and then moving into it would have the most impact.

Here’s the map of potential migrants.