Constraints on house building

Almost all Windham houses are located within 200 feet of a town or state road. There’s plenty of practical reasons for being close to a main road and being close is especially important for Windham’s aging population.

Now let’s look at slopes to see how that further influences house location.

To do that I went to USDA Web soils survey site here :

and downloaded data for Windham County and then extracted Windham Town data from that. Soil classification is a complicated business but I was interested in a limited set of things. For now I was interested in the average slope of soils and the map below shows areas of Windham having slopes 15% to 25% and 25% and above. Just a visual inspection shows steep and steeper slopes are not a first choice. There’s very few houses on 15 to 25% slopes and hardly any on the 25% and greater.

While Windham is 26 square miles in area a much smaller amount of that is suitable for building sites.