As of today…

This post shows a 12 photos with a layer added in each one. It begins by showing the boundary of Windham and areas within having slopes of 15 to 25%. After that a layer is added in each succeeding image.

This series of images needs little explanation-it begins with one feature and adds one in each image. The last image is a detail of the Timber Ridge area to show more clearly that most houses in Windham are within 200 feet of a road. Also, a one-acre grid shows where future home-sites are located.

The overall point being made is that there has been little interest in building houses on steep areas and areas at much distance from a main road. And with good reason – maintaining a long driveway is costly and further fragments the habitat. Further, the images show that the proposed zones add little to no constraints on home building. The areas included in the zone are more known to be ecologically vital and should not be disturbed.