Windham Parcel maps 2021

Created using parcel maps updated for 2021 and Grandlist data from the listers. Click on a parcel to see selected information. The layers can be turned on/off using the check box associated with the layer.

Parcel maps always lag behind recent changes so contact the Windham Town Office or Windham Listers for the most recent information.

If you find errors notify the town office and/or listers. I will update as I receive information.

Use mouse to zoom in/out. Click on a parcel highlighted in yellow for a pop-up lister card.

Take a screenshot and save to your computer if you wish to email info to others.

Click here for parcel map Parcel Map


For faster response download the file to your computer or laptop.

To do that click here to download the compressed file.

Save the file on your computer and extract the files. Files will be in a directory having the name of the downloaded file.

Enter that directory to see this:

And then click the index.html file to have it open in your browser.

Keep in mind that any updates to errors and etc. will not cascade to your computer. For that download the updated file and repeat what you did above.

================= Try it out by downloading the parcels database and installing QGIS on your computer=======

Here’s the link to the database and project file.