Data files for Windham parcels

Data for the Windham parcels is contained in one file called a geopackage file and the file extension is gpkg. The Windham parcels data is in the geopackage file named parcels2021.gpkg.

The software used to create the parcels2021.gpkg is QGIS (Q). Q is an open source (and free) application for working with spatially referenced data such as parcel polygons, buildings, streams and any other feature.

To use the parcels2021.gpkg data one must use a Geographic Information System (GIS) application. Q has a user friendly interface and also uses processing features in other open source GIS applications and that is why Q is the best choice for this intended use. Learn more about Q here:

Q runs on Windows, Linux, and Apple operating systems.

A brief guide on installing Q and using the data in the parcels2021.gpkg can be downloaded by clicking here .

After reading the guide install QGIS and then download and extract the files in the compressed zip archive. Download the data and project file in the compressed .zip here

Then follow the steps in the guide to connect to the data and begin learning how to use QGIS!